Your best dressing choices

We wear summer clothes the wrong way too many times, because shorts give away height. But with the right mix, or can achieve the best results. On the length of pants, I suggest this kind of ultra-short pants, high-waist version, the area of the cloth sense is not reduced, but the length of pants becomes shorter, the maximum possible exposure to more leg length, it is best to match a cover buttocks outside, so that the leg circumference and thigh circumference are cleverly covered, show the thinner effect is better.

The shorts.

  • Irregular hot pants

Irregular pants are those that keep the front of the pants very short, while the back is cut with more fabric and the length becomes the normal length of the pants, which is more design feeling. Tie-in has the crop top that the design feels likewise, the height characteristic of small person all had used to show fashionable feeling, fashionable effect will be better.

  • Big silhouette shorts

The small figure is very suitable for the trouser skirt with a wide silhouette like a skirt. It looks like a skirt so it doesn’t look awkward slightly above the knee, but it also looks slim. Pair it with a loose top and look forward to it. But the length of the skirt is still relatively unfriendly, but more flattering to the girl’s cuteness.

Casual high-waist golden breasted pants

Summer dresses

You can’t miss a long white dress. It is a classic summer dress that goes with everything. I would recommend a white dress that goes below the knee,

Temperament sweet V neck lace white dress
  • tight dress

The buttock tight dress is designed to give more curves. For the slightly fat but shapely girl this one can show more temperament. In terms of the length of the buttocks skirt, I still prefer the skirt to be above the knee, but not too long. It is just right in the middle of the knee from the ground, which is better for the visual effect.