Tips for dressing well

How to wear clothes to look good, how to make good use of strengths and circumvent weaknesses, how to dress to show tall and thin, has been the most concerned about girls. In other words, how to dress well! Today I will take the Korean clothes for examples to give the girls to share a few practical wear build skills, so that you are not in the change of seasons for dress collocation trouble! Let’s take a look.

 Tips to Wear 

  • Wear appropriate clothes

We often say that Korean clothes make people look good. But there are still a lot of girls can not do this point, the phenomenon of blindly chasing the trend is still more common, a blind pursuit of style, without considering whether suitable. Want to dress good-looking, suitable clothes is the beginning, not suitable clothes and then good-looking, wear on the body will not have characteristics; The right clothes, even if it is just a simple basic style, the upper body can also be very stylish!

  • Choose to wear according to the body type

Every girl’s body is different, it is very important to learn to judge the body type, for their own body type do not know, then it is difficult to choose a suitable match. For example, the pear-shaped figure common to Asian women, the most obvious is the flaw in the lower part of the body, and if you don’t know how to make the right judgment, then the flaw will be more prominent.

  • Know which colors look good on you

Learn to judge skin color according to the color of veins, mainly blue, green, purple three colors, representing cold, warm neutral skin respectively. Different skin is being represented again qualitative different colour collocation. For example, blue suits the cool tone such as black and white ash, green suits the warm tone such as red and yellow, and purple belongs to neutral, have better grip to all sorts of colors.

  • Focus on classics, not trends

The fun of dressing together is to use simple pieces to create your own style. Fashion styles can only make you stand out for a short time, while classic styles can keep you fashionable all the time. At the same time, the classic style is also durable and versatile symbol, a classic style can also match a more possible.