The perfect combination of hoodies and skirts

More and more people begin to pursue comfortable and comfortable wear build, in leisure and comfortable while, nature also cannot throw away fashionable, so, a large number of recreational tide is tasted arise at the historic moment.The sweatshirt is the most representative one in recent years. It has been a fashionable item for only a few years. Today, more and more young people like sweatshirts and summer dress, and they have successfully become one of the classic clothing items.

Hoodie + Denim Skirt

Sweatshirt and denim skirt are the single products with youthful atmosphere, which are the most easily thought of in our daily life. Both styles are close and both are casual, so they are very harmonious with each other. Very energetic, young, lovely. One of the favorite combinations of students.

Bull-butler skirt also is the sheet that is very joker is tasted, also do not need to spend brains more on colorific colposition, although choose gorgeous a few hoodie, tie-in rises also without pressure.

Now super short sweaters are more popular, with super short matching skirt, can show the high waist line.

Hoodie + leather skirt

I was surprised to find that the most collected combination of hoodies and half skirts was “hoodies and leather skirts”. Because for leather skirt, a lot of girls do not dare to challenge, especially short leather skirt, afraid of a small heart to wear a sense of age.

But “hoodie + leather skirt” combination, I found that there is basically no sense of age. And it looks handsome. Because the temperament of sweatshirt is more neutral, soft, rustic, what can perfect collocation small skin skirt is sexy. So when you combine the two, you’re left with chic, handsome and sexy.

Leather skirts can be long or short, but I recommend short skirts. Leather is a very high-profile material to wear. If you don’t want to be too high profile, of course, the small area of the skirt is more suitable for daily life.

Hoodie + print skirt

From spring to summer, we can see a lot of sexy high school girls wearing print skirts on the street. As a sweet and lovely single product, print skirts can be mixed with a neutral sweatshirt, which will be more low-key and texturized, and more comfortable visually.

And the sweater of tie-in print skirt, it is advisable with solid color, because print skirt is very beautiful, the sweater is unfavorable too complex. A simple solid color, or a simple logo, is fine.

Hoodie + pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is also a popular item in the past two years, and it still maintains a certain popularity this year. A pleated skirt paired with a hoodie is a stylish addition. The flowing feeling of pleated skirt and the warmth and sureness of hoodie make it elegant, romantic and natural and spontaneous. The two different temperament, but the same modern, and quite complementary.