Why high heels for women are needed

In addition to the influence of high heels for women on gait, Smith and Helms (1999) believe that wearing high-heeled shoes can make women more attractive by enhancing the contour of legs and ankles, reducing the perceived size of feet, highlighting the chest and buttocks, and increasing height. This will increase women’s confidence and therefore their charm.

However, there is little systematic empirical evidence to support this claim. To solve this problem, researchers from the University of Portsmouth in the K conducted a study.

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The results

In the results, observers generally believe that the point light display of high heels experimenters was more attractive than that of flat shoes experimenters. Women in flat shoes are also more likely to be mistakenly identified as men.

  • Wearing high heels also has a significant effect on gait. Compared with the flat heel condition, the subjects who walk with high heel condition have more female gait characteristics. Participants wearing high heels had smaller steps, more frequent steps, less knee flexion, but greater hip rotation and tilt. Walkers with lower body mass index were considered more attractive.
  • The final conclusion is that high heels for women will exaggerate the gender specific aspects of women’s gait, and women walking in high heels shoes may be regarded as extraordinary stimulation.
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Supernormal stimulus refers to non natural (such as artificial) stimuli that can effectively release specific behaviors of animals. Experiments with artificial female butterflies show that the color, size and shape of female butterflies have little influence on the behavior of male butterflies. But the distance between female butterflies and male butterflies, the form of movement, and the depth of wings and body spots of female butterflies have great influence on the chase response of male butterflies.

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It is also worth noting that the results show that high-heeled shoes are an important part of contemporary women’s wardrobe, because the minimum number of high-heeled shoes is 4 and the maximum number is 25.

However, wearing high heels can cause chronic injury and increase the possibility of accidental injury. Although wearing high-heeled shoes can damage the body, some people put forward the theory of evolution (Smith,Smith & Helms) to explain why women wear high-heeled shoes.

High Heels For Women

High heels, as women’s combat boots, are clearly not for no reason. As high heels for women can modify elongated legs, match with reasonable wear. In the right occasion, will maximize the enhancement of a woman’s temperament. so there’s a saying that “every woman must have a pair of high heels”.

High heels are not uncommon, and I believe every girl has them, but do you really know about high heels? Have you ever picked the right high heels? How does ability choose a pair of high-heeled shoes that suits his foot? What should you pay attention to when trying on shoes? Open the door of the shoe cabinet. Let’s face the high heels for women. How should you match the right clothes? How should different occasions choose different high-heeled shoes?

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 High heels for women can be comfortable

First of all, I want to correct a misunderstanding with you at the beginning of the program, that is, high heels for women must be uncomfortable, especially those who are used to wearing flat shoes will imagine that high-heeled shoes are very uncomfortable, but in fact, they can also be very comfortable if they are wearing the right high-heeled shoes. 

The principle is that when you wear flats, most of the pressure on the foot is on the heel. When you walk, some of the pressure is transferred to the front foot through the middle foot. This is closer to the normal mechanics of the foot.

High heels for women , on the other hand, push the body into a forward position, where muscles like the solei in the calf try to pull on the body to keep it from falling forward, and the stress on the foot changes: less weight is on the back foot, putting more force on the front foot. The higher the heel, the more stress you put on your forefoot, so you are advised to buy a 4-6cm heel.

How to choose the right high heels for women ?

To know what kind of high heels are suitable, firstly, you need to know your foot type

On the international basic foot has three categories

The first is the Greek foot. Look down at your own toes. If the second thumb is long and the third toe is short, you have the Greek foot. There is a saying that as beauty feet, Greek feet are the source of many of the biggest supermodels, with figures claiming that Greek feet are more likely to feature beautiful women (40%) than Egyptian or Roman feet (5%)

This type of person is the most suitable for wearing pointed toe shoes, or other shoes that have a thin forefoot but have a good shape. In short, they can wear anything that looks stylish and foot – tormenting. All kinds of sexy, stylish styles, all kinds of brands you love.

The second type is Egyptian foot. If your thumb is much longer than your second toe and your whole foot is in a diagonal line from your big toe to your little toe, youre Egyptian foot.

In addition to kinds that are round and square , most of the selling shoes in the counter are also this kind of oblique pointed. It is also easy to buy suitable for their own. Classic flat bottom shoe is round head or square head. suit foot is extensive, relative also more comfortable.

The third type is Roman foot. If your first four toes are almost the same length and your whole foot looks square, you have Roman foot.

Roman feet are actually square, with a wide forefoot, and are the best for square-toed and round-toed shoes. Wearing any other type of shoe is more or less painful.

The fourth is the German foot. The first toe sticks out much more than the other toes, while the other four toes are relatively equal in length.

The last one is Celtic foot: this foot is the rarest, the second toe is the longest, and the difference in length between the four little toes is more obvious.