Minimalist style for spring

As the weather warms up, it’s time to cut back on your outfit. In our lives, we move back and forth in different scenes, and everyone has different styles of clothing and preferences.

But no matter how fashion china trends change, there are always some girls who are not influenced by fashion and wear elegant and stylish everyday with the simplest clothes. Such collocation is easy and natural, let a person feel comfortable it seems.


There is a kind of advanced called indifferent color + white, the so-called indifferent color is simply camel, apricot, beige and some other tonal slant brown color system. Although indifferent color will be more in autumn and winter, but spring will be collocation with white, can neutralize the warm feeling of indifferent color, look refreshing, will be very advanced. The choice of knitted items can also create a gentle and elegant artistic atmosphere, simple and soft especially highlights the texture.


Light gray is called texture color, classic and very versatile, to spring, dark clothes clothes will look not too light. Join a few light gray to reconcile, can build spring lightsome gentleness. The cheap hoodie of basic style has in our wardrobe, tie-in a small black trousers casual and comfortable daily. Office workers can choose light gray shirt with suit pants, reduce the rigid and strong professional clothes, temperament is more lovely.

Black and white

The stripe unlined upper garment of black and white alternate with, compared pure color did not have so drab, it is very classic foundation money sheet is tasted. Wear it all the year round, regardless of age. If we are mature women, we can choose to match the dress, looking less casual will be more elegant and elegant. A few composed dark colors are chosen when going to work to department the skirt outfit of tie-in light color, match color is neat and agile not depressing, can have simple feeling very much.

How does spring and summer wear black and white ash give lively feeling? The secret is to use a lot of white close to your face, and use black as an auxiliary color. Not only will you look better and look fresh, but you’ll also find layers in shades and shades.

The minimalist combination of two kinds of tonal, refuse trivially, contracted do not break lively, more simple more temperament, always let a person see never tire of.