Dressing tips for women

Is a woman dressing just a few clothes to match a variety of ways to dress? Is it just a simple sum of 1+1=2? NO! Woman to truly achieve the essence of clothing, wear a true beauty, attract admiration and recency, just need to take a search for the dress, however, there has 20 proven code for you, help you easily wear a fashion and beautiful, and also become particularly handy when buying clothes, where to spend your money is worth!

Rules of dressing

  • First, from the shallow to the deep

there are three levels of dressing: the first is harmony, the second is aesthetic feeling, and the third is personality.

  • Second, three criteria

When you buy clothes, you should choose according to three criteria. Don’t pull out your wallet if you don’t fit any of these criteria: what you like, what you fit, and what you need.

  • The third classic is very important

fashion is also very important, but must not forget is a little unique originality.

  • Clothes are the same as your husband. The clothes that fit you are the best.

Don’t focus too much on the brand, which tends to make you lose sight of what’s inside.Try 5 dollar mall to get some cute cheap clothes.

  • Sixth, Korean clothes give a woman many kinds of curves, among them the most beautiful is still the X shape, foil a woman’s slim, slender figure, feminine flavor is full.
  • The seventh. Girls should spend some more time and energy in the dress collocation, not only can let you wear 10 clothes to give 20 collocation, but also exercise their aesthetic taste.

Even if you don’t wash your clothes every day, try to change them as often as possible. Wearing two sets of clothes in rotation for a week will give you a much better sense of cleanliness and organization than wearing one set for three days in a row.

The rule of international dressing — choosing a warm coat made of good material with a light sweater or shirt underneath — is going to be more and more popular.

There is no such thing as fashion. Wearing one’s own personality is the real fashion.

Your best dressing choices

We wear summer clothes the wrong way too many times, because shorts give away height. But with the right mix, or can achieve the best results. On the length of pants, I suggest this kind of ultra-short pants, high-waist version, the area of the cloth sense is not reduced, but the length of pants becomes shorter, the maximum possible exposure to more leg length, it is best to match a cover buttocks outside, so that the leg circumference and thigh circumference are cleverly covered, show the thinner effect is better.

The shorts.

  • Irregular hot pants

Irregular pants are those that keep the front of the pants very short, while the back is cut with more fabric and the length becomes the normal length of the pants, which is more design feeling. Tie-in has the crop top that the design feels likewise, the height characteristic of small person all had used to show fashionable feeling, fashionable effect will be better.

  • Big silhouette shorts

The small figure is very suitable for the trouser skirt with a wide silhouette like a skirt. It looks like a skirt so it doesn’t look awkward slightly above the knee, but it also looks slim. Pair it with a loose top and look forward to it. But the length of the skirt is still relatively unfriendly, but more flattering to the girl’s cuteness.

Casual high-waist golden breasted pants

Summer dresses

You can’t miss a long white dress. It is a classic summer dress that goes with everything. I would recommend a white dress that goes below the knee,

Temperament sweet V neck lace white dress
  • tight dress

The buttock tight dress is designed to give more curves. For the slightly fat but shapely girl this one can show more temperament. In terms of the length of the buttocks skirt, I still prefer the skirt to be above the knee, but not too long. It is just right in the middle of the knee from the ground, which is better for the visual effect.

Tips for dressing well

How to wear clothes to look good, how to make good use of strengths and circumvent weaknesses, how to dress to show tall and thin, has been the most concerned about girls. In other words, how to dress well! Today I will take the Korean clothes for examples to give the girls to share a few practical wear build skills, so that you are not in the change of seasons for dress collocation trouble! Let’s take a look.

 Tips to Wear 

  • Wear appropriate clothes

We often say that Korean clothes make people look good. But there are still a lot of girls can not do this point, the phenomenon of blindly chasing the trend is still more common, a blind pursuit of style, without considering whether suitable. Want to dress good-looking, suitable clothes is the beginning, not suitable clothes and then good-looking, wear on the body will not have characteristics; The right clothes, even if it is just a simple basic style, the upper body can also be very stylish!

  • Choose to wear according to the body type

Every girl’s body is different, it is very important to learn to judge the body type, for their own body type do not know, then it is difficult to choose a suitable match. For example, the pear-shaped figure common to Asian women, the most obvious is the flaw in the lower part of the body, and if you don’t know how to make the right judgment, then the flaw will be more prominent.

  • Know which colors look good on you

Learn to judge skin color according to the color of veins, mainly blue, green, purple three colors, representing cold, warm neutral skin respectively. Different skin is being represented again qualitative different colour collocation. For example, blue suits the cool tone such as black and white ash, green suits the warm tone such as red and yellow, and purple belongs to neutral, have better grip to all sorts of colors.

  • Focus on classics, not trends

The fun of dressing together is to use simple pieces to create your own style. Fashion styles can only make you stand out for a short time, while classic styles can keep you fashionable all the time. At the same time, the classic style is also durable and versatile symbol, a classic style can also match a more possible.

Summer items that you must have

Actually speaking of this topic, it has to do with your personal dressing style. Different dressing styles will require different basic styles. For example, Japanese sweet style, European and American simple style, retro style and so on, all need different pieces. Here I’d like to list the basic styles of Chinese fashion.

Solid color series

  • White shirt

This is one of the most basic style of Korean clothes. The white shirt of this style is of fine workmanship, the buttons are not exposed, and the silk weaving method is used, which is not easy to wrinkle. Shirts, which are made of pure cotton or even linen, are not effective enough if they are not ironed and worn again. They are sloppy. And silk white shirt, almost no wrinkle.
A white shirt is a versatile accessory. Whether it’s other solid color items or pretty styles. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual date. White shirt for every occasion. The most important thing is that this one is quite cheap and affordable, but I recommend these cute cheap clothes.

  • Basic color tight bottomed shirt

For tight bottoms, my first suggestion is to buy black.

Remember to buy a large and low neckline to avoid exposing the neckline when wearing other clothes. If it’s a V-neck, try to buy a V-neck as deep as possible. It has the effect of lengthening the neck line and indirectly showing the outline of the face. It’s also very prominent for people with square faces.Try this kind of korean clothing and I’m sure you will look perfect.

Collocation principle

  • The top, pants and skirt in the middle are casually matched, and then matched with a brilliant accessory.
  • The principle is that if you are fat in the upper body, you should choose a simple coat with brilliant pants.
  • If you have a fat lower body, you can put complex elements on your upper body, and then match them with simple pants (long skirt is preferred).
  • When choosing a brilliant piece, the elements should be as simple as possible. If there are Lace / bead / pattern / hollowed out / leopard print and other elements on it, try to choose only one element.
  • When choosing special accessories, the most important thing is to choose some of the better quality and more exquisite ones.

Color matching of clothes

(1) make certain plans and order collocation color.

(2) The primary and secondary colors with each other are distinct. The position and area occupied by all colors are generally matched according to the proportion relationship close to the golden dividing line, which is easy to produce the beauty of order.

(3) by collocation and the sense of movement is indispensable. It can produces pattern of clothing itself. The appearance of fabric color, fabric overlap or roll set, the edge and other processes.

Cute cheap clothes

Lightness color matching

  • The colour combination of different light and shade degree, configuration is together, more the lightness tonality that pays attention to colour and contrast.
  • From the dress brightness color matching, there are no more than the following three color matching forms and high brightness color matching, forming a kind of elegant bright tone. Such as the colour such as pale, high lightness yellow, pink green, pink blue, often it’s the tonal that is rich female feeling, also the dress is suitable for summer.
  • In the match color of lightness tone, the dress color with the most applicable middle-aged person, forming a kind of reserved and solemn style. It also is the matching color principle that young people commonly use if use higher purity red, blue collocation, make wearing to have a kind of lively character.
  • The match color of low lightness tone, form slant brunet calm tone, have a kind of solemn, serious, elegant and melancholy feeling. This kind of tonality, if the young people use it, appears quiet, introverted and deep, if the old people use it, appears solemn, implicit and old heavy, if the intellectuals use it, reflects the detached from the secular, very educated sense. Low lightness is the most commonly used color for winter clothing.
Cute cheap clothes-shore skirt

Purity color matching

  • If the color of dress makes us feel too gorgeous, or too young, or too simple, or too warm and so on. Are due to clothing color purity is too strong or too weak and formed.
  • When matching clothing colors, under the conditions of different lightness and hue, the purity matching color can only produce rich and varied visual effects.
  • When the purity difference is small and the lightness difference is close, the visual effect of clothing color will be softer and the visual recognition of image will be poor.
  • If the purity difference is bigger and the brightness difference is opened, the visual effect of the dress color will be more hopping and bright, and the visual recognition of the image will be high.
plus size dress