Summer lovely clothes recommended

Recommended are some I think better wear, practical, durable clothes, and attach a tie-in scheme.

White shirts

Like spring and summer this kind of season, wear bright spot of course more suitable for the occasion, also can let a person feel more cheerful, white cheap shirts is really super all-match.

  • The white shirt

The length depends on how you want to wear it. I prefer a T-shirt that fits well, which is not about oversize, so for me who is 161, length 65 or something is too long and can only be worn under my shirt. Or according to their own height, experience to choose, meet the right version must write down the size!

  • A plain white T-shirt is easy to match, but it’s also easy to look boring.

1. The matching undergarment can be patterned or colored, such as a white shirt + a black polka dot skirt. It looks cuter than a plain black dress.

2. If it’s a solid color all over, add a touch of spice with small accessories. (eardrops, sunglasses, scarves, bags, etc.)

Long white dress

There are many styles of white dresses, all kinds of them. I don’t think you need to stick to the style, just choose the style that suits your figure and likes.


For me, there are three main requirements for a dress, one is the waist, the second is the appropriate length, and the third is the comfortable and breathable fabric. However, for those without obvious curves, if you opt for a cut at the waist, choose a skirt with the hem flared.