plus-size clothing’s influence on design

Fashion is changing and is no longer the preserve of the tall and slender. Nowadays, the media and clothing brands pay more attention to the popular lifestyle and advocate the idea that design changes life and design serves the public. Plus-size consumers seek to escape the limitations of mommy and senior dress by dressing with taste.And their efforts to improve their aesthetic values and hide body issues are often met with disappointing results. This article focuses on the analysis of style, color, fabric.

plus size long sleeve maxi dress


  • From the silhouette and style of clothing design, represented by people with large size. From the perspective of functionality, comfort and aesthetics of clothing.
  • The clothing itself is a sculpture. In terms of clothing matching, it always follows the rule of balanced proportion and harmonious design. Clothing is the second layer of skin of the human body.
  • While considering the ornamental appearance of clothing, large-size clothing needs to enhance the comfort and functionality of clothing. The body needs to move and breathe in order to make all the body organs function normally, and the material needs to breathe and sweat in order to meet the needs of the plus-size people.
  • Therefore, large-size clothing should achieve a balance in the comfort of material, the function of convenient movement and the beauty of the figure modification. Large size clothing should not be too loose in style design, and should pay attention to the requirements of version design on the amount of relaxation.
plus size dress


  • As the type changes and changes, what we should consider is to make better use of color to decorate the body shape.
  • Colors act through people’s vision. Different colors emit light at different wavelengths, and the brain makes different associations and reactions when the eyes are exposed to different colors. Color is divided into cool color and warm color, wearing different colors of clothes, the effect will be completely different.
  • The choice of clothing color, mostly is the inner projection or reverse projection. In the design method, monochrome can create a sense of vertical, elongate your figure. You can also break through monochrome and try to properly add color to form a two-color vision.
plus size long sleeve maxi dress

The fabric

  • Make good use of materials to increase diversity.
  • The different characteristics of fabrics affect the thinking and creation of designers. If a common fabric is properly matched and combined, it will produce unexpected effects.