plus-size clothing’s influence on design

Fashion is changing and is no longer the preserve of the tall and slender. Nowadays, the media and clothing brands pay more attention to the popular lifestyle and advocate the idea that design changes life and design serves the public. Plus-size consumers seek to escape the limitations of mommy and senior dress by dressing with taste.And their efforts to improve their aesthetic values and hide body issues are often met with disappointing results. This article focuses on the analysis of style, color, fabric.

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  • From the silhouette and style of clothing design, represented by people with large size. From the perspective of functionality, comfort and aesthetics of clothing.
  • The clothing itself is a sculpture. In terms of clothing matching, it always follows the rule of balanced proportion and harmonious design. Clothing is the second layer of skin of the human body.
  • While considering the ornamental appearance of clothing, large-size clothing needs to enhance the comfort and functionality of clothing. The body needs to move and breathe in order to make all the body organs function normally, and the material needs to breathe and sweat in order to meet the needs of the plus-size people.
  • Therefore, large-size clothing should achieve a balance in the comfort of material, the function of convenient movement and the beauty of the figure modification. Large size clothing should not be too loose in style design, and should pay attention to the requirements of version design on the amount of relaxation.
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  • As the type changes and changes, what we should consider is to make better use of color to decorate the body shape.
  • Colors act through people’s vision. Different colors emit light at different wavelengths, and the brain makes different associations and reactions when the eyes are exposed to different colors. Color is divided into cool color and warm color, wearing different colors of clothes, the effect will be completely different.
  • The choice of clothing color, mostly is the inner projection or reverse projection. In the design method, monochrome can create a sense of vertical, elongate your figure. You can also break through monochrome and try to properly add color to form a two-color vision.
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The fabric

  • Make good use of materials to increase diversity.
  • The different characteristics of fabrics affect the thinking and creation of designers. If a common fabric is properly matched and combined, it will produce unexpected effects.

Reasons and solutions for the smell of shoes

Reasons to explore

  • The cause of shoes, insoles, and socks

(1) Wearing it too long

Socks insoles should not be older than 2 days and shoes should not be older than 3 days.

If necessary, socks and insoles should be changed once a day, and shoes should be changed twice a day.

(2) Shoes themselves easily stink

Shoe material problem, the choice of shoes is very important;

Sports shoes, hiking shoes and other shoes with poor air permeability, it is easy to stink.

(3) smelly shoes and socks caused by other reasons

Polyester and nylon socks are much less breathable than cotton ones, making them more likely to have smelly feet over time.

Shoes stink mainly because of the sweat secreted by the feet, put the napkin in the shoes and it will be gone overnight.

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  • Feet problems

(1) foot odor hidrosis

Some of these people have a lot of sweat on their feet.

(2) beriberi

Caused by a fungal infection, sweating feet, not drying feet after swimming or showering, tightly packed shoes and socks, and warm weather all contribute to athlete’s foot growth.

The methods

1: Good change habits

Wash and change often. Make sure you wash your feet carefully. It is best to use soap and then be sure to dry, which can prevent beriberi.

You can’t wear a pair of shoes three days in a row.

The socks are changed every day, the insoles are changed every day.

Shoes every week air basks in, the root that solves a problem is foot;

Cleaning method: delicate shoes use hand wash. Another method that compares bold and unrestrained — use washing machine to wash.

Correct use of washing machine shoes: take out insoles, pull up LACES, put shoes in pillowcases. Then put it in the washing machine;

2: Use better insoles (preferably deodorant pads or deodorant pads) and cotton socks

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Methods for cleaning clothes

It’s hard to get rid of stubborn stains on white clothes. Take a lemon slice and boil the white clothes in water. Soak the white clothes in water for about 15 minutes and then wash them.

Sometimes because the clothes are not properly drying, there will be an unpleasant smell of sweat. Mix white vinegar with water and soak the smelly clothes for about five minutes, then let them dry in an ventilated area.

Remove pen stains: Buy a bit of oxalic acid (in granules) from a chemical store and rub the pen-stained garment in water that dissolves the oxalic acid to remove the stains. Since oxalic acid is a weak acid, it will not corrode clothing.

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Wash the soy sauce off your clothes

  • JThe Method 1:

First soak the stained area with water, then sprinkle with a teaspoon of sugar and rub with your hands. We can see that part of the soy sauce stains have been stained on the sugar, and then wash with water to remove the stains.

  • Method 2:

Soak the white vest and apply baking soda to the soy-stained area. Rinse with clean water for 10 minutes to remove the soy-stained area.

  • Method 3:

Cut the fresh lotus root with a knife and smear the fresh lotus root juice on the soya sauce stains. Rinse in water for 10 minutes to remove the soya sauce stains.

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Wash the paint off your clothes

Apply the oil to the area where the paint is stuck, as the substances in the oil will dissolve the paint, and then rinse off. If it is stained with water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint) and household wall paint, wash it with water in time. If the nylon fabric is stained with paint, it can be rubbed with lard first, then soaked with detergent and rinsed with clean water.

Information about chinese clothing

Where is the main origin of wool goods in China?

  • Two big wool knitting production base: dongguan dalang and tongxiang puyuan. According to the report, the difference between them lies in that Puyuan mainly focuses on cashmere while Dalang mainly focuses on knitting. Dalang before to export processing, in recent years in the transformation; Puyuan market is relatively mature, mainly radiating to northern areas, with a large volume. Dalang market is not developing well, and the goods mainly distribute through Guangzhou.Especially in Guangzhou. There are many cute cheap clothes there.
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  • In addition, Shantou, a city in Guangdong Province, is a major producer of woolen products, most of which locate in cheap clothing stores. Compared with Dalang, Dalang mainly does fine needle products, Shantou mainly does thick needle products.

Where are the main cheap clothes stores in China?

  • Cheap clothes stores in China are all in Guangdong. They are Xintang Town of Zengcheng District of Guangzhou, Dayong Town of Zhongshan, Jun ‘an Town of Foshan, and Sanbu Town of Kaiping. Goods in domestic circulation are mainly in Xintang and Dayong towns, and also through the Guangzhou market. Especially in Guangzhou, there are many cheap clothing stores selling wholesale clothes.
  • In addition to the four major producing areas, there are many places where produce cheap clothes , such as Zibo, Shijiazhuang, Changshu, Yulin and so on. In shandong coastal area, the distribution of a lot of clothing factories that do Japan and South Korea single, the single cowboy of Zibo Japan and South Korea is still quite good.
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What are the specialized markets for other clothing products in China?

  • Cotton clothes in Wuhan, Beijing, Changshu and other areas of origin. The difference between a cotton jacket and a down jacket is mainly the padding inside. Beijing, Changshu and Hangzhou are the places where down jackets are concentrated. There are also some other places where down jackets are produced, but only produce and do not form a market, so a lot of people do not know. This is also the case for some other categories of goods. Beijing’s small factories concentrate in Daxing County, some of the big factories moved to Tianjin, but the big factories generally do not accept bulk orders. In the garment industry, there are differences between production and wholesale. For example, why can’t the wool market in Dalang, Dongguan and the denim market in Xintang, Guangzhou be done? These topics will be explained in detail in the processing plant part later.
  • Women’s pants in Zhengzhou is the main product, other places also produce women’s pants, but the product characteristics will be different. Just like the cowboy, dalang and pui woolen of the four big cowboy producing areas, the products are also different.
  • Three big producing areas of children’s wear are: Foshan, Zhili and Shishi.

How to choose the right suits

Step 1

The right shoulder covers the shoulder very flat. The length of the shoulder seam should be the same as the width of the shoulder, and the seam should meet the sleeve exactly where the shoulder meets the arm. If the intersection is higher than the shoulder blades, the coat will not fit. A blazer that doesn’t fit well at the shoulders will cause countless bumps and wrinkles in the tops and sleeves. No amount of tailoring and tinkering is going to solve this problem. In addition, if you are looking for suits or cheap wholesale clothes , cheap clothing stores would be your optimal choice.

Step 2

It’s also important to check for coat lapels that are closed. For single-breasted suits, even with a three-button design, fasten the top or middle button. The whole suit should look clean and crisp, and the lapels should not bulge forward, otherwise it is too loose. If the bottom edge of the garment flares after the button is fastened, it is too tight. Buttons should be easy to fasten and there should be no pleats under the flap. The sides of your coat should not be too far apart below the buttons, or you will expose your shirt when you stand up straight.

Step 3

The theoretical relationship between the sleeve length of the coat and the shirt under it should be such that the cuffs of the shirt should be exposed by about 1cm. Note that this is only theoretical, as fashion trends change all the time. The only true truth about sleeve length is that your coat should never completely cover your shirt, and at least some of the cuffs should be visible. So the sleeve length of your coat should be right up to your wrist bone. If you’re in doubt, say this to yourself: 1 cm of sleeve.

Step 4

It’s easy to tell if a suit collar fits. For beginners, the collar of the suit should be close to the collar of the shirt, with no gap between the two. If there are gaps, the collar is too big. It’s harder to tell if a suit’s collar is too tight — you can only tell by looking at the back. If the collar is too tight, there will be wrinkles under the collar and it will wrinkle the shirt collar. The wrong neckline can be due to the wrong neck measurement, but more often it can be due to something bigger, such as the wrong shoulder size. Click cheap clothing stores for more about suits and cheap wholesale clothes.