Must-have Winter Items For Women


Sweater is an essential in autumn winter almirah. The following points should be noted when choosing a basic sweater:

  • If you’re putting it in a basic wardrobe, it’s recommended to buy heavy sweaters, as these styles are more suitable for individual wear.
  • If you want to have both single wear and double wear functions, the style with more fit profile is recommended.


At the beginning of autumn, the suit jacket can be a person’s suit jacket, whether as a coat, or winter for folding wear is a very good choice.

Selection skills:

  • Pay attention to the length of your coat.
  • When folding coats, pay attention to the design at the shoulders.

Dust coat

Windbreaker is suitable for autumn and winter three seasons and a variety of occasions. The windbreaker is both practical and aesthetic.

Selection skills:

  • The best choice of cotton and polyester fiber material style, crisp and crisp type, and do not lose comfort.

Cloth coat

One of the most popular items to buy every winter is woolen overcoats. But there is one problem: it is difficult to buy woolen overcoats that can be used every year.

Selection skills:

  • Choose larger cuffs.
  • The shoulder design is stiffer and the profile should be larger.

Down jacket

A warm down jacket is a must in winter. But this requires a certain amount of skill.

Selection skill:

• If you only choose one down jacket, please choose short style down jacket.

Long sleeve maxi dress

  • While in autumn and winter season ,we must have a long sleeve maxi dress ! It is light, soft and comfortable. Choose gray or black color.
long sleeve maxi dress