Dress for different shapes

People need to analyze which style we belong to base on our bodies. What is the suitable material, pattern and cut? Clothes are for people and combine with our body type We also need to show our strengths,take maxi dress for women for example.

Bigger body

  • Appropriate of this kind of person chooses abound the brunet that shrink feeling, cold tone, make the person appears some thinner it seems, produce slim feeling. If you wear light colors, the shadow on the face is very light, people will appear more chubby. But the woman with delicate plump body, bright and warm tonal is equally appropriate. They are advised not to wear clothes with exaggerated patterns. Choose solid color or the decorative pattern that has stereo feeling, vertical color stripe can make body straight to stretch, produce slender feeling. Maxi dress for women are suitable for larger women. The larger the dress, the slimmer the figure, and the best effect is to keep the coat open.
maxi dress for women

Lean body

  • Clothing color is chosen to be full of expansion, the light color of expansion feeling, composed warm tone, make it produce amplification feeling, appear plump a few, and cannot wear the bright warm color of cool blue-green tone or high lightness, that will appear thin and transparent and weak. The design and color that still can use clothing material is adjusted, for instance big grid pattern, horizontal color stripe can make thin body type transverse stretch, outspread, become a bit plump.

Bigger lower body

  • Belong to the upper body is thin, thin waist, thick thighs. When wearing clothes, bright colors such as white, pink, light blue, etc.; Lower with dark colors such as black, dark gray, brown coffee, etc.Up and down, highlight the fine effect on the body will be better. This body size is not suitable for a jacket that is too short. Wear your jacket unbuttoned and keep your clothes short. Joined with the waistband, the most can build a leg long illusion; In addition, maxi dress for women is also a good choice for this figure.

Bigger upper body

  • Belongs to the upper body round fat, large chest, waist thickness, and the legs are relatively thin. This body shape is just the opposite of the heavy pear shape, and the upper body should be worn in dark colors such as black, dark green, dark coffee, etc. Under the bright light colors such as white, light gray, etc. White trousers work well with a black top.

Shorter legs

  • The color and design of the jacket are more luxuriant and conspicuous than the bottom, or choose the suit of unified tone. It can also increase the height; Try to wear dark trousers, etc.

A large-legged body

  • No matter wear short skirt or wear trousers, long, short socks are as far as possible dark tone, in order to make leg belly appears more slender. People with this figure are more suitable for maxi dress for women than others.

Large waists

  • Had better wear brunet jacket to be like black, deep coffee, bundle a and the dress be the same color or the girdle of near color, can produce the effect of fine waist.

A body with narrow shoulders

  • Top appropriate with light color or with horizontal stripes to dress, increase the sense of width, lower appropriate with darker color, more foil the thick sense of the shoulder.