Delicate dress essentials

Dressing can not only make women give a pleasing impression, but also enhance their own confidence and temperament, so as to become more and more beautiful, more and more delicate. Mention delicate feeling, probably a lot of girls will ask, what is the real delicate advanced? How can I wear it to look exquisite?

Khaki dust coat

Khaki color dust coat, it is absolutely the cheap coat that cannot be carried in classic sheet, no matter be the cut out that reachs ancient ways to restore ancient ways, still be elegant and nostalgic color is, without not foils the temperament that gives a female place to have.

The style of this khaki dust coat is very simple, the color is low-key, and the upper body effect is elegant and neat without breaking the sense of modern and advanced. In terms of collocation, the blogger uses the pleated short dress as the inner match of the windbreaker to further enhance the sense of china fashion.

Base suit

Base color + base suit is most common in French autumn and winter vintage wear, such as camel, black, gray or coffee color is a very high quality choice, combined with the suit’s crisp version, looks chic and advanced.

The cut of this gray suit is simple and crisp, with a neutral look. It’s chic with vintage blue high-waisted jeans and slacks.

In terms of color matching, we tend to control the color system of the whole body in three and so on to ensure that it is clear at a glance on the vision, and most of the footwear items echo the upper body items to further enhance the sense of coordination.

Besides wearing build and match color, we also can apply all sorts of act the role of will rise to add points effect, be like aureate ear act the role of, necklace, bag to wait a moment, especially aureate necklace, break the depressing feeling of pure color easily.