Perfect matches for shoes

Today I would like to share with you a pair of flat shoes to meet the needs of girls in pursuit of comfort. Flat shoes with long pants, wear up very comfortable, most of the girls like this kind of effortless, and can get the fashion to wear a routine.


Loafers have become popular in recent years. Once the china fashion sense is given to the matching clothes, they will become more and more outstanding. With good-looking collocation, it will naturally become more and more pleasing to the eye.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes is becoming all the more fashionable this year, and this year’s flat bottom shoe is to prepare to show one’s skill greatly obviously, design is more changeful than in previous years.

White shoes

Never leave the white cheap shoes, is undoubtedly the most versatile, do not need to consider matching color, do not need to consider the style, anyway in addition to extremely serious formal occasions, in the daily wear of small white shoes all can match.

Mary Jane shoes

Mary Jane shoes with retro flavor, especially gentle temperament. Mary Jane shoes also have a lot of light chunky heels and are quite fashionable now. And the flat Mary Jane is certainly more comfortable, more suitable for sexy high school girls.

Shoes with low tops

Shoes with low tops reveal more instep area and visually extend the length of the leg, just as high heels do. It is the flat style of low heels, which is more formal than other flat shoes and can be used by women in the workplace for everyday office wear.

Oxford shoes

The traditional English Oxford shoe is not the most fashionable style, but it is a classic style that has always existed. This pair of neutral shoes is handsome and preppy.

Minimalist style for spring

As the weather warms up, it’s time to cut back on your outfit. In our lives, we move back and forth in different scenes, and everyone has different styles of clothing and preferences.

But no matter how fashion china trends change, there are always some girls who are not influenced by fashion and wear elegant and stylish everyday with the simplest clothes. Such collocation is easy and natural, let a person feel comfortable it seems.


There is a kind of advanced called indifferent color + white, the so-called indifferent color is simply camel, apricot, beige and some other tonal slant brown color system. Although indifferent color will be more in autumn and winter, but spring will be collocation with white, can neutralize the warm feeling of indifferent color, look refreshing, will be very advanced. The choice of knitted items can also create a gentle and elegant artistic atmosphere, simple and soft especially highlights the texture.


Light gray is called texture color, classic and very versatile, to spring, dark clothes clothes will look not too light. Join a few light gray to reconcile, can build spring lightsome gentleness. The cheap hoodie of basic style has in our wardrobe, tie-in a small black trousers casual and comfortable daily. Office workers can choose light gray shirt with suit pants, reduce the rigid and strong professional clothes, temperament is more lovely.

Black and white

The stripe unlined upper garment of black and white alternate with, compared pure color did not have so drab, it is very classic foundation money sheet is tasted. Wear it all the year round, regardless of age. If we are mature women, we can choose to match the dress, looking less casual will be more elegant and elegant. A few composed dark colors are chosen when going to work to department the skirt outfit of tie-in light color, match color is neat and agile not depressing, can have simple feeling very much.

How does spring and summer wear black and white ash give lively feeling? The secret is to use a lot of white close to your face, and use black as an auxiliary color. Not only will you look better and look fresh, but you’ll also find layers in shades and shades.

The minimalist combination of two kinds of tonal, refuse trivially, contracted do not break lively, more simple more temperament, always let a person see never tire of.

Tips for dressing well

How to wear clothes to look good, how to make good use of strengths and circumvent weaknesses, how to dress to show tall and thin, has been the most concerned about girls. In other words, how to dress well! Today I will take the Korean clothes for examples to give the girls to share a few practical wear build skills, so that you are not in the change of seasons for dress collocation trouble! Let’s take a look.

 Tips to Wear 

  • Wear appropriate clothes

We often say that Korean clothes make people look good. But there are still a lot of girls can not do this point, the phenomenon of blindly chasing the trend is still more common, a blind pursuit of style, without considering whether suitable. Want to dress good-looking, suitable clothes is the beginning, not suitable clothes and then good-looking, wear on the body will not have characteristics; The right clothes, even if it is just a simple basic style, the upper body can also be very stylish!

  • Choose to wear according to the body type

Every girl’s body is different, it is very important to learn to judge the body type, for their own body type do not know, then it is difficult to choose a suitable match. For example, the pear-shaped figure common to Asian women, the most obvious is the flaw in the lower part of the body, and if you don’t know how to make the right judgment, then the flaw will be more prominent.

  • Know which colors look good on you

Learn to judge skin color according to the color of veins, mainly blue, green, purple three colors, representing cold, warm neutral skin respectively. Different skin is being represented again qualitative different colour collocation. For example, blue suits the cool tone such as black and white ash, green suits the warm tone such as red and yellow, and purple belongs to neutral, have better grip to all sorts of colors.

  • Focus on classics, not trends

The fun of dressing together is to use simple pieces to create your own style. Fashion styles can only make you stand out for a short time, while classic styles can keep you fashionable all the time. At the same time, the classic style is also durable and versatile symbol, a classic style can also match a more possible.

Common items of Korean clothing

The common sheet in han department is tasted it is basic for the most part, there are so a few in everybody’s almirah almost.

Shirts with letters

We are in South Korea youth to the drama always often can see cartoon design, letters of the sweater, T-shirt. This kind of Korean clothes not only makes you look young ,still lift complexion. But collocation this kind of single article, still can choose concise style pants or skirt, won’t appear very messy.

Speaking of cartoon patterns, here I have to mention a very interesting phenomenon. In streetwear, embroideries have recently become popular among Japanese jackets, such as Yokosuka jackets. On the other hand, the common pattern of the coat of the Korean department is English letters, with a stronger sense of hip-hop and European beauty.

Monochrome jacket

As mentioned before, the color of Korean department is monochrome. When you wear a sweater, sweatshirt, sweater and T-shirt alone, you can also see the matching as shown in the picture below. The upper and lower body are monochrome, the jacket is loose, and the tights and flat shoes are matched.

Silhouette jacket

The combination of silhouette top and tight bottom can be summed up as “loose upper body and tight lower body”.

As I just mentioned, the basic monochrome top may seem boring, so you can try a monochrome silhouette top. The shape of the version changes the shape of the upper body, and the overall shape will become richer, and it will not be so bland.

If the top with some simple patterns and colors, it is also good.

Turtleneck tops

In addition, the turtleneck sweater, which is very popular these two years, is also one of the characteristics of Korean clothes.

Short skirt

Just been emphasizing that the soul of Korean clothes is legs and waist line, so the short skirt is also a popular item to reflect this meaning.

We can see in many music shows that girls often wear Korean clothes like ultra-high waist miniskirts, which can not only attract the eyes, but also show a good proportion, making them look thin and tall on the TV screen.

Summer items that you must have

Actually speaking of this topic, it has to do with your personal dressing style. Different dressing styles will require different basic styles. For example, Japanese sweet style, European and American simple style, retro style and so on, all need different pieces. Here I’d like to list the basic styles of Chinese fashion.

Solid color series

  • White shirt

This is one of the most basic style of Korean clothes. The white shirt of this style is of fine workmanship, the buttons are not exposed, and the silk weaving method is used, which is not easy to wrinkle. Shirts, which are made of pure cotton or even linen, are not effective enough if they are not ironed and worn again. They are sloppy. And silk white shirt, almost no wrinkle.
A white shirt is a versatile accessory. Whether it’s other solid color items or pretty styles. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual date. White shirt for every occasion. The most important thing is that this one is quite cheap and affordable, but I recommend these cute cheap clothes.

  • Basic color tight bottomed shirt

For tight bottoms, my first suggestion is to buy black.

Remember to buy a large and low neckline to avoid exposing the neckline when wearing other clothes. If it’s a V-neck, try to buy a V-neck as deep as possible. It has the effect of lengthening the neck line and indirectly showing the outline of the face. It’s also very prominent for people with square faces.Try this kind of korean clothing and I’m sure you will look perfect.

Collocation principle

  • The top, pants and skirt in the middle are casually matched, and then matched with a brilliant accessory.
  • The principle is that if you are fat in the upper body, you should choose a simple coat with brilliant pants.
  • If you have a fat lower body, you can put complex elements on your upper body, and then match them with simple pants (long skirt is preferred).
  • When choosing a brilliant piece, the elements should be as simple as possible. If there are Lace / bead / pattern / hollowed out / leopard print and other elements on it, try to choose only one element.
  • When choosing special accessories, the most important thing is to choose some of the better quality and more exquisite ones.