Why high heels for women are needed

In addition to the influence of high heels for women on gait, Smith and Helms (1999) believe that wearing high-heeled shoes can make women more attractive by enhancing the contour of legs and ankles, reducing the perceived size of feet, highlighting the chest and buttocks, and increasing height. This will increase women’s confidence and therefore their charm.

However, there is little systematic empirical evidence to support this claim. To solve this problem, researchers from the University of Portsmouth in the K conducted a study.

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The results

In the results, observers generally believe that the point light display of high heels experimenters was more attractive than that of flat shoes experimenters. Women in flat shoes are also more likely to be mistakenly identified as men.

  • Wearing high heels also has a significant effect on gait. Compared with the flat heel condition, the subjects who walk with high heel condition have more female gait characteristics. Participants wearing high heels had smaller steps, more frequent steps, less knee flexion, but greater hip rotation and tilt. Walkers with lower body mass index were considered more attractive.
  • The final conclusion is that high heels for women will exaggerate the gender specific aspects of women’s gait, and women walking in high heels shoes may be regarded as extraordinary stimulation.
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Supernormal stimulus refers to non natural (such as artificial) stimuli that can effectively release specific behaviors of animals. Experiments with artificial female butterflies show that the color, size and shape of female butterflies have little influence on the behavior of male butterflies. But the distance between female butterflies and male butterflies, the form of movement, and the depth of wings and body spots of female butterflies have great influence on the chase response of male butterflies.

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It is also worth noting that the results show that high-heeled shoes are an important part of contemporary women’s wardrobe, because the minimum number of high-heeled shoes is 4 and the maximum number is 25.

However, wearing high heels can cause chronic injury and increase the possibility of accidental injury. Although wearing high-heeled shoes can damage the body, some people put forward the theory of evolution (Smith,Smith & Helms) to explain why women wear high-heeled shoes.

Some attractive styles of women shoes

In the fashion world, high heels for women are shoes with extremely high heels, making the wearer’s heel significantly higher than the toes. However, there are many different styles of high heels, especially in the heel changes are very many, such as thin heel, thick heel, wedge heel, nail heel, hammer heel, knife heel and so on. So what are the styles of women’s high heels?

1. Valentina studded kitten high heels

This is very suitable for the masses of high heels for women style, fashionable and practical. Especially the popular tie style.

2. Cone-heeled shoes

These high heels for women are usually around 4-12cm high. There are two kinds of inverted triangle or ice cone, and there are different choices of thickness. From pencil-thin heels to thick cones. There are several subcategories of cone-shaped heels: flared heels, paw heels, and banana heels.

If you are a bit larger, high heels for women with tapered shapes are the best choice. It has an overall sense of thick and solid, and can balance the larger body features of the visual.

3. Stilettos

Black stilettos, every woman must have a pair of high heels. Its functionality and comfort. The height is generally 5-10 cm, and a little bit sexy. Applicable occasions are also very rich, business, wedding, party are suitable. But it is suitable for small ladies.

4. Suede high heels

These are also high heels for women that are highly recommended. They can also be worn with jeans, cocktail dresses and no body type requirement. And for the girls who often wear high-heeled shoes can try more than 8 cm heel shoes on this style. Fashionable style, and a lot of suitable style occasions, in simple words they are all-match!

5. Wedges

Slope heel shoe suits the schoolgirl that needs to often amble, because comfortable and practical. Because the style of moderate fashion, so suitable with black pants or jeans, shorts. When the purchase of shoes need smooth lines not cumbersome.

6. Prism heel shoes

This type of heel has a very special style and is particularly comfortable and stable. Sandals are more common. Suitable for wearing skirts, pants, and all kinds of nice bottoms. If you like to move around a lot, you can’t miss it.

7. High platform heels

These shoes are fashionable and are often worn by super stylish Hollywood stars.

It’s actually very stylish. This style comes from the 17th century French vintage for comfort and elegance.

8. High heels for women with straps

The sling element is one of the popular elements in recent years. This kind of lady’s high-heeled shoes are very stable to wear, not easy to fall off, and very comfortable. It can be adjusted according to its own needs, and it is suitable for many occasions. It can be worn not only with tank tops and pantsuits, but also with baggy pants or a baggy top.

9. Platform shoes

Platform shoes and wedges are very similar, stylish and bold. They are the favorite of many people. �

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