Delicate dress essentials

Dressing can not only make women give a pleasing impression, but also enhance their own confidence and temperament, so as to become more and more beautiful, more and more delicate. Mention delicate feeling, probably a lot of girls will ask, what is the real delicate advanced? How can I wear it to look exquisite?

Khaki dust coat

Khaki color dust coat, it is absolutely the cheap coat that cannot be carried in classic sheet, no matter be the cut out that reachs ancient ways to restore ancient ways, still be elegant and nostalgic color is, without not foils the temperament that gives a female place to have.

The style of this khaki dust coat is very simple, the color is low-key, and the upper body effect is elegant and neat without breaking the sense of modern and advanced. In terms of collocation, the blogger uses the pleated short dress as the inner match of the windbreaker to further enhance the sense of china fashion.

Base suit

Base color + base suit is most common in French autumn and winter vintage wear, such as camel, black, gray or coffee color is a very high quality choice, combined with the suit’s crisp version, looks chic and advanced.

The cut of this gray suit is simple and crisp, with a neutral look. It’s chic with vintage blue high-waisted jeans and slacks.

In terms of color matching, we tend to control the color system of the whole body in three and so on to ensure that it is clear at a glance on the vision, and most of the footwear items echo the upper body items to further enhance the sense of coordination.

Besides wearing build and match color, we also can apply all sorts of act the role of will rise to add points effect, be like aureate ear act the role of, necklace, bag to wait a moment, especially aureate necklace, break the depressing feeling of pure color easily.

Summer lovely clothes recommended

Recommended are some I think better wear, practical, durable clothes, and attach a tie-in scheme.

White shirts

Like spring and summer this kind of season, wear bright spot of course more suitable for the occasion, also can let a person feel more cheerful, white cheap shirts is really super all-match.

  • The white shirt

The length depends on how you want to wear it. I prefer a T-shirt that fits well, which is not about oversize, so for me who is 161, length 65 or something is too long and can only be worn under my shirt. Or according to their own height, experience to choose, meet the right version must write down the size!

  • A plain white T-shirt is easy to match, but it’s also easy to look boring.

1. The matching undergarment can be patterned or colored, such as a white shirt + a black polka dot skirt. It looks cuter than a plain black dress.

2. If it’s a solid color all over, add a touch of spice with small accessories. (eardrops, sunglasses, scarves, bags, etc.)

Long white dress

There are many styles of white dresses, all kinds of them. I don’t think you need to stick to the style, just choose the style that suits your figure and likes.


For me, there are three main requirements for a dress, one is the waist, the second is the appropriate length, and the third is the comfortable and breathable fabric. However, for those without obvious curves, if you opt for a cut at the waist, choose a skirt with the hem flared.

The perfect combination of hoodies and skirts

More and more people begin to pursue comfortable and comfortable wear build, in leisure and comfortable while, nature also cannot throw away fashionable, so, a large number of recreational tide is tasted arise at the historic moment.The sweatshirt is the most representative one in recent years. It has been a fashionable item for only a few years. Today, more and more young people like sweatshirts and summer dress, and they have successfully become one of the classic clothing items.

Hoodie + Denim Skirt

Sweatshirt and denim skirt are the single products with youthful atmosphere, which are the most easily thought of in our daily life. Both styles are close and both are casual, so they are very harmonious with each other. Very energetic, young, lovely. One of the favorite combinations of students.

Bull-butler skirt also is the sheet that is very joker is tasted, also do not need to spend brains more on colorific colposition, although choose gorgeous a few hoodie, tie-in rises also without pressure.

Now super short sweaters are more popular, with super short matching skirt, can show the high waist line.

Hoodie + leather skirt

I was surprised to find that the most collected combination of hoodies and half skirts was “hoodies and leather skirts”. Because for leather skirt, a lot of girls do not dare to challenge, especially short leather skirt, afraid of a small heart to wear a sense of age.

But “hoodie + leather skirt” combination, I found that there is basically no sense of age. And it looks handsome. Because the temperament of sweatshirt is more neutral, soft, rustic, what can perfect collocation small skin skirt is sexy. So when you combine the two, you’re left with chic, handsome and sexy.

Leather skirts can be long or short, but I recommend short skirts. Leather is a very high-profile material to wear. If you don’t want to be too high profile, of course, the small area of the skirt is more suitable for daily life.

Hoodie + print skirt

From spring to summer, we can see a lot of sexy high school girls wearing print skirts on the street. As a sweet and lovely single product, print skirts can be mixed with a neutral sweatshirt, which will be more low-key and texturized, and more comfortable visually.

And the sweater of tie-in print skirt, it is advisable with solid color, because print skirt is very beautiful, the sweater is unfavorable too complex. A simple solid color, or a simple logo, is fine.

Hoodie + pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is also a popular item in the past two years, and it still maintains a certain popularity this year. A pleated skirt paired with a hoodie is a stylish addition. The flowing feeling of pleated skirt and the warmth and sureness of hoodie make it elegant, romantic and natural and spontaneous. The two different temperament, but the same modern, and quite complementary.

Dressing tips for women

Is a woman dressing just a few clothes to match a variety of ways to dress? Is it just a simple sum of 1+1=2? NO! Woman to truly achieve the essence of clothing, wear a true beauty, attract admiration and recency, just need to take a search for the dress, however, there has 20 proven code for you, help you easily wear a fashion and beautiful, and also become particularly handy when buying clothes, where to spend your money is worth!

Rules of dressing

  • First, from the shallow to the deep

there are three levels of dressing: the first is harmony, the second is aesthetic feeling, and the third is personality.

  • Second, three criteria

When you buy clothes, you should choose according to three criteria. Don’t pull out your wallet if you don’t fit any of these criteria: what you like, what you fit, and what you need.

  • The third classic is very important

fashion is also very important, but must not forget is a little unique originality.

  • Clothes are the same as your husband. The clothes that fit you are the best.

Don’t focus too much on the brand, which tends to make you lose sight of what’s inside.Try 5 dollar mall to get some cute cheap clothes.

  • Sixth, Korean clothes give a woman many kinds of curves, among them the most beautiful is still the X shape, foil a woman’s slim, slender figure, feminine flavor is full.
  • The seventh. Girls should spend some more time and energy in the dress collocation, not only can let you wear 10 clothes to give 20 collocation, but also exercise their aesthetic taste.

Even if you don’t wash your clothes every day, try to change them as often as possible. Wearing two sets of clothes in rotation for a week will give you a much better sense of cleanliness and organization than wearing one set for three days in a row.

The rule of international dressing — choosing a warm coat made of good material with a light sweater or shirt underneath — is going to be more and more popular.

There is no such thing as fashion. Wearing one’s own personality is the real fashion.

Your best dressing choices

We wear summer clothes the wrong way too many times, because shorts give away height. But with the right mix, or can achieve the best results. On the length of pants, I suggest this kind of ultra-short pants, high-waist version, the area of the cloth sense is not reduced, but the length of pants becomes shorter, the maximum possible exposure to more leg length, it is best to match a cover buttocks outside, so that the leg circumference and thigh circumference are cleverly covered, show the thinner effect is better.

The shorts.

  • Irregular hot pants

Irregular pants are those that keep the front of the pants very short, while the back is cut with more fabric and the length becomes the normal length of the pants, which is more design feeling. Tie-in has the crop top that the design feels likewise, the height characteristic of small person all had used to show fashionable feeling, fashionable effect will be better.

  • Big silhouette shorts

The small figure is very suitable for the trouser skirt with a wide silhouette like a skirt. It looks like a skirt so it doesn’t look awkward slightly above the knee, but it also looks slim. Pair it with a loose top and look forward to it. But the length of the skirt is still relatively unfriendly, but more flattering to the girl’s cuteness.

Casual high-waist golden breasted pants

Summer dresses

You can’t miss a long white dress. It is a classic summer dress that goes with everything. I would recommend a white dress that goes below the knee,

Temperament sweet V neck lace white dress
  • tight dress

The buttock tight dress is designed to give more curves. For the slightly fat but shapely girl this one can show more temperament. In terms of the length of the buttocks skirt, I still prefer the skirt to be above the knee, but not too long. It is just right in the middle of the knee from the ground, which is better for the visual effect.