Perfect matches for shoes

Today I would like to share with you a pair of flat shoes to meet the needs of girls in pursuit of comfort. Flat shoes with long pants, wear up very comfortable, most of the girls like this kind of effortless, and can get the fashion to wear a routine.


Loafers have become popular in recent years. Once the china fashion sense is given to the matching clothes, they will become more and more outstanding. With good-looking collocation, it will naturally become more and more pleasing to the eye.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes is becoming all the more fashionable this year, and this year’s flat bottom shoe is to prepare to show one’s skill greatly obviously, design is more changeful than in previous years.

White shoes

Never leave the white cheap shoes, is undoubtedly the most versatile, do not need to consider matching color, do not need to consider the style, anyway in addition to extremely serious formal occasions, in the daily wear of small white shoes all can match.

Mary Jane shoes

Mary Jane shoes with retro flavor, especially gentle temperament. Mary Jane shoes also have a lot of light chunky heels and are quite fashionable now. And the flat Mary Jane is certainly more comfortable, more suitable for sexy high school girls.

Shoes with low tops

Shoes with low tops reveal more instep area and visually extend the length of the leg, just as high heels do. It is the flat style of low heels, which is more formal than other flat shoes and can be used by women in the workplace for everyday office wear.

Oxford shoes

The traditional English Oxford shoe is not the most fashionable style, but it is a classic style that has always existed. This pair of neutral shoes is handsome and preppy.

Summer lovely clothes recommended

Recommended are some I think better wear, practical, durable clothes, and attach a tie-in scheme.

White shirts

Like spring and summer this kind of season, wear bright spot of course more suitable for the occasion, also can let a person feel more cheerful, white cheap shirts is really super all-match.

  • The white shirt

The length depends on how you want to wear it. I prefer a T-shirt that fits well, which is not about oversize, so for me who is 161, length 65 or something is too long and can only be worn under my shirt. Or according to their own height, experience to choose, meet the right version must write down the size!

  • A plain white T-shirt is easy to match, but it’s also easy to look boring.

1. The matching undergarment can be patterned or colored, such as a white shirt + a black polka dot skirt. It looks cuter than a plain black dress.

2. If it’s a solid color all over, add a touch of spice with small accessories. (eardrops, sunglasses, scarves, bags, etc.)

Long white dress

There are many styles of white dresses, all kinds of them. I don’t think you need to stick to the style, just choose the style that suits your figure and likes.


For me, there are three main requirements for a dress, one is the waist, the second is the appropriate length, and the third is the comfortable and breathable fabric. However, for those without obvious curves, if you opt for a cut at the waist, choose a skirt with the hem flared.

Dressing tips for women

Is a woman dressing just a few clothes to match a variety of ways to dress? Is it just a simple sum of 1+1=2? NO! Woman to truly achieve the essence of clothing, wear a true beauty, attract admiration and recency, just need to take a search for the dress, however, there has 20 proven code for you, help you easily wear a fashion and beautiful, and also become particularly handy when buying clothes, where to spend your money is worth!

Rules of dressing

  • First, from the shallow to the deep

there are three levels of dressing: the first is harmony, the second is aesthetic feeling, and the third is personality.

  • Second, three criteria

When you buy clothes, you should choose according to three criteria. Don’t pull out your wallet if you don’t fit any of these criteria: what you like, what you fit, and what you need.

  • The third classic is very important

fashion is also very important, but must not forget is a little unique originality.

  • Clothes are the same as your husband. The clothes that fit you are the best.

Don’t focus too much on the brand, which tends to make you lose sight of what’s inside.Try 5 dollar mall to get some cute cheap clothes.

  • Sixth, Korean clothes give a woman many kinds of curves, among them the most beautiful is still the X shape, foil a woman’s slim, slender figure, feminine flavor is full.
  • The seventh. Girls should spend some more time and energy in the dress collocation, not only can let you wear 10 clothes to give 20 collocation, but also exercise their aesthetic taste.

Even if you don’t wash your clothes every day, try to change them as often as possible. Wearing two sets of clothes in rotation for a week will give you a much better sense of cleanliness and organization than wearing one set for three days in a row.

The rule of international dressing — choosing a warm coat made of good material with a light sweater or shirt underneath — is going to be more and more popular.

There is no such thing as fashion. Wearing one’s own personality is the real fashion.

Types and uses of fabrics


Fabric features: the fabric is made of mulberry silk and rayon, and covered with a layer of fluff or loop. However ,it has soft texture, bright color and close down loop.
Specification: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave and variable weave.
Samples are: Leah velvet, rotten velvet, decorative velvet.

cheap clothing stores
  • Lilac velvet

The viscose velvet fabric made by double-layer weaving method is covered with a layer of fluff. It has gorgeous appearance, rich luster, soft handle and good drape. It is not suitable for heavy pressure during storage and transportation,
It is used for making dress, curtain, curtain, sand, or for mounting gift box.

  • Rotten velvet

Nylon (or polyester) is used as the ground fabric, and the surface of the ground fabric is viscose and glossy yarn. By using the different reaction properties of the two fibers to acid, the local part of the fabric is treated with acid, and the viscose at the acid point is corroded, leaving nylon ground fabric and viscose pile surface not contacting acid, which is called rotten velvet.

It is a local suede fabric with three-dimensional concave convex effect. Suitable for women’s high-grade clothing, evening dress, national clothing and decorative cloth.

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  • Decorative velvet

It is a kind of silk fabric interwoven with mulberry silk and viscose silk. The bottom is made of strong twist mulberry silk, and the surface is made of glossy viscose silk. The pile is short, dense, flat, soft and elastic. After finishing, it is decorated with sequins to achieve the effect of glitter, beauty and luxury.

  • Suitable for high-end clothing, evening dress, performance dress, etc.
  • Fabric features: all or most of the fabrics are satin weave (except crepe satin woven with strong twist yarn in warp and weft), with compact and soft texture and smooth and bright silk surface. The fabric is thick, bright and smooth in appearance, rich in color, and the effect is more remarkable with jacquard.
  • Specifications and types: there are many kinds of raw materials, including mulberry silk, viscose silk and other chemical fibers, which can be divided into real silk satin, viscose silk satin, interwoven satin, etc.; according to jacquard or not, there can be plain satin and fancy satin.
  • Fabric application: its use varies with varieties. The lighter can be used for shirts, skirts, headscarves and costumes, while the heavier can be used for high-grade coats, cotton padded jackets, cheongsam, bedspreads, quilt covers and other decorative articles.

Samples are: crepe satin, plain satin.

Clothing matching Guide

Section of coats

Type O is also called cocoon type. It’s better to choose a figure, but it’s also suitable for girls who are chunbby.

Cute cheap clothes-coat

A-type coat is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. It’s suitable for girls with meat on legs and waist. It can hide meat well. Meanwhile, the shoulder line is obvious. It’s suitable for girls with slip shoulder or narrow shoulder. After all, not everyone has right angle shoulders. It’s still necessary to decorate small defects with clothes.

Cute cheap clothes-coat

Finally is the bathrobe type coat, this version is very suitable for H-shape girls and upper body thin girls, waist waist can produce a good visual figure.

Selection of pants

Before you buy pants, you need to know your leg defects, and then decide what type of pants to buy. I have summarized several types of trousers. You can choose according to your body shape

  • 1) High waist and tight fitting

This kind of pants has high requirements for legs, such as thick waist, bent legs, false crotch width and so on. If one of the factors accounts for one, wearing this type of pants will only magnify the shortcomings and will not look good.

Cute cheap clothes-tight fitting long pants
  • 2) High waist and wide legs

This kind of trousers has a high waistline design and wide legs, which makes it easy to hide meat.
People who think that high looks better, but people who are not high are also suitable for high heels. High heels + high waist and wide legs will make you look higher visually. At the same time, it also has a hip lift effect.

long pants
  • 3) Straight tube and wide leg

This pair of trousers is a good match. The problem is that shorter girls will look shorter in this type of pants, but you can wear a pair of sneakers to increase your height.